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We believe that every business has a part to play in solving the biggest social problems in our cities. We help you find your purpose.

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What is ESTHER?

(and why should I care?)

ESTHER is about people helping people. Our peer-to-peer giving platform allows donations to go directly to people living in poverty.

This is a way for you and your employees to reach and support people in need in your own city whilst knowing exactly where your donation is going.

ESTHER provides connection to individuals and their stories and the ability to journey with them as they strive for a better future.

We make charitable donations more local, more connected and more effective.

How does it work?

ESTHER connects you to anonymous profiles of people in need who have been verified by our partner charities as homeless rough sleepers, low income families, single mothers, destitute asylum seekers and young people leaving care.

We tackle inner city poverty through collaboration with our partner charities and our business partners.

All donations are traceable and quarterly reporting dashboards show how your team has impacted real lives in your community.

Corporate Donor Dashboard

Why now?

There are so many people during the Covid-19 crisis who are falling through the cracks of government support. Those who work cash-in-hand jobs like young mums with cleaning jobs, those families with children who are asylum seekers and don’t qualify for any government support right now and the elderly who need extra support at this time. We are working with a hub of 18 charities across all 11 council districts in NI with a verified stream of people in need.

What can I do to help?

1. Give us 30 minutes.

It would mean the world to us to talk to you about how ESTHER can help you reach people in crisis. We have a unique FinTech solution that enables donations to be received in a way that prevents high risk spend on alcohol, gambling and other items that might do more harm than good. We promise it will be fun!

2. Lunch and Learn!

We would love to run a 30 minute lunch and learn with your team over a Zoom call. We have so many inspiring stories to tell of people receiving support here in Belfast. There’s nothing as life giving as some good news stories during a time like this!

ESTHER Co-Founders Ailis McCaul and Carol Rossborough

ESTHER Co-Founders Ailis McCaul and Carol Rossborough

It’s as simple as clicking on our Calendly link below and booking in a slot. We can't wait to say hello!

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