The Pocket-to-pocket
Giving App.

ESTHER is the pocket-to-pocket giving app for helping the poorest people in your city. Right now. In three steps.

  • direct giving from donor to recipient
  • 100% of funds go to the recipient
  • completely private; completely traceable
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Reach some of the UK's most vulnerable people.

Join the movement.

We work with charity partners across the UK to verify people in financial crisis. Join today to help us fight local poverty through direct peer-to-peer giving.

Support someone in need

How it works.

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Recipients Selected by Trusted Charities

We work with trusted local charities to identify the individual people in your city who need the most help — like recent refugees trying to safely get through the most difficult six weeks of their new life, or people who’ve been destitute for a long time, and are trying to get back on their feet. We work with charities to establish programmes that will give people the help they need, through direct pocket-to-pocket donation.

Illustration of two people being paired together

Instant Donor-Recipient Pairing

Download the app and select a programme you’d like to support. ESTHER will instantly take your first donation, match you up with the person you’re helping, and show you their anonymised biography.

Illustration of speech-bubbles with eyes to denote transparency

Visibility and Traceability

ESTHER receipients receive your donations on a prepaid debit card. ESTHER receives and automatically screens transaction data, just to double check that money’s being used to help the recipient, in line with the aims of the project.

As an ESTHER donor, you can open the app at any time for updates on how your money’s helping the recipient. We’ll send you monthly updates too.

Making a difference.

I was able to focus on more than just ‘How am I going to survive this week?’, and was even able to buy Christmas presents for my children

Talorah (Pseudonym),

Asylum Seeker, Storehouse Pilot Recipient

Charity workers are heroes. ESTHER gives them superpowers.

Photograph of a smiling man in a plaid shirt

There aren't words to describe the profound difference this pilot made on these womens' lives. We saw households come to life. I watched women dance, sing, cry and treat their children to things that were not functional, but absolutely necessary for life to be life. And, because money wasn't a worry for 6 weeks they were given the headspace to deal with what was underneath.

Alan Carson,


Connecting donors to recipients.

The recipient I was matched with was able to visit her brother over Christmas because she now could afford the bus ticket. When I got that update I thought - it is so cool that I was able to help her do that.

Anonymous Donor,

Store House Food Bank Programme.

Three ways you
can get involved.


Now you can directly support someone locally who needs help. Come and join the movement, and help change someone’s life today.


If you work directly with the poorest people in your city, and are interested in receiving donations through ESTHER, please get in touch.


We’re working with a number of corporate partners to integrate ESTHER into their CSR programmes and employee giving schemes. Interested? Please get in touch.